A Symbol of Peace

The olive tree has long been recognized as a symbol of peace, and it’s mentioned multiple times in the Bible. In Matthew, Jesus prays near an olive tree in Gethsemane just before he was crucified, but that’s far from the only time it’s mentioned. In Jeremiah, it is referred to as a tree with great splendor. Even as early as Genesis, it is the olive tree that brings Noah a sign of hope.

Olive wood is native to the space where much of the Bible took place, and that makes it one of the most important natural wonders of the Christian world. It’s symbolic of everything we believe, and that makes olive wood crafts made by Christian artisans throughout the Holy Land that much more significant.

What it Means to You

Every time you purchase one of these beautiful pieces, you bring a piece of the Holy Land into your home. Our products are gifts Christians around the world treasure. They’re heirlooms that help display your faith and remind you of your devotion on a daily basis. Olive wood is a powerful symbol throughout the world of Christianity, and we can help you bring a piece home now. Take the time to browse our featured products.