The History

Olive trees hold great significance in Christianity. There’s a reason the olive tree appears so frequently in scripture. They grew throughout the Holy Land, and they remain there to this day. In fact, historians believe the first olive groves were originally planted in 4000 B.C.

Artisans have carved the wood from these beautiful trees for thousands of years. In fact, archeologists have suggested that the tradition of crafts like the ones we sell began as early as the Byzantine empire, and olive wood was a good way to create simple sculptures and shapes. As time went by and pilgrimages became more common, artisans have continued to pass the tradition down to help honor the past and the beauty of these carvings.

The olive wood used by the artisans who create this beautiful art is harvested through sustainable practices that do not adversely affect the trees. Much of the Bible talks about the power of renewability, and these crafts are a perfect example of that in nature.

It takes years of training to learn how to create beautiful pieces like these, and the process itself for each piece can take up to two months. Explore the beautiful pieces the artisans we work with have created. Please contact us if you have any questions.